I'm Sarah.

I live for My Chemical Romance and meeting them was the best day of my life. Gerard is my idol. I'm also a Lost freak and devoted lover of Charlie Pace and Ben Linus.

I love tattoos and Camden Town, Edie Sedgwick and Rome.

My Lost Romance

I was killing before killing was cool...

My newest Lost tattoo. “Destiny is a fickle bitch” as Ben would say. Ain’t it just. White bunny and wire rimmed glasses for my favourite character.

Ben was so creepy here, just appearing. But cute.

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Ben is the best written character in the whole of TV history. Full stop. No argument.

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Everything I did, I did for The Island.

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Ben is so cool. This is why I have his candidate number tattooed on my hand.

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Destiny is indeed a fickle bitch.

I haven’t blogged about Lost for ages

So here’s a selection of Lost stuff I’ve come across and like.

Adam got me this tshirt for xmas but in green.
Charlie is a BLOODY ROCK GOD!

My newest Lost tattoo

Today I went to the London Tattoo Convention. We go every year and don’t normally get anything done but this year we had early bird tickets. There were already hundreds of people there when we arrived and they all seemed to want tattoos from the Frith Street booth, as did we. I was hoping to get another Valerie Vargas tattoo but I knew it was unlikely, I also wanted my fingers done by Stuart Robson. All of Valerie’s appointments quickly filled up and everyone dispersed but me and Adam went over anyway and it turned out Stuart still had spots. So I became the first tattoo of the morning. Adam also got tattooed by Stuart with an amazing wolf head. The morning was spent hanging around the booth having a laugh and getting amazing tattoos! Excellent!
My tattoo is actually 4 tattoos. “Fate” on my left index finger, “Late” on my right index finger, “117” on my left pinkie and “195” on the right pinkie. The first two are obvious Lost/Charlie references to anyone who watches the show. The numbers are Ben and Charlie’s candidate numbers. I already have the 6 famous numbers on my leg. Right now my fingers are really fat and I can’t really bend them but here are the first photos anyway.