I'm Sarah.

I live for My Chemical Romance and meeting them was the best day of my life. Gerard is my idol. I'm also a Lost freak and devoted lover of Charlie Pace and Ben Linus.

I love tattoos and Camden Town, Edie Sedgwick and Rome.

My Lost Romance

I was killing before killing was cool...

Across The Sea - Lost

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Jacob’s note to Dogen is finally revealed.

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"It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress"

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Oh Jacob. I’d have stabbed you too if you’d said the same to me.

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“There are two sides, two players.

One is light, the other is dark.”

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Ahhh! I’ve been here! I’ve laid there!!!!!

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Day 21 — Team Smokey or Team Jacob?

Team Jacob. Much as Samuel is cool I always side with the good guys. And yes, the others are the good guys!


I saw Eclipse today with Adam. He said it was better than Twilight and New Moon, I’m not so sure. I really like New Moon and although this one packed loads more into the film I think I’ll need to give it another watch before I declare it my favourite of the three.

I did really enjoy the flashbacks, especially Rosalie’s as I think she’s actually a really interesting character (although Alice is still my favourite Cullen), and “that kiss” was well worth waiting for. I do find Kirsten Stewart hard to watch when she’s acting with Robert Pattinson, she looks so uncomfortable and I buy the Jacob/Bella love story much more than I do the Edward/Bella one but that’s an issue I have with all the films, not just this one. I’m sure millions of fans would disagree.

I’m not sure anyone who’s not already a Twilight fan would get much out of it but I would still recommend it. I’m just counting down until we get to see the completely crazy Breaking Dawn.Even if they pull it off it’s going to be mental!