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My Lost Romance

I was killing before killing was cool...

Poor Preston. I’m still on his side.

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The Ordinary Boys + Fred Perry = Perfection.

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Seriously, this man is the cutest. The fact he loves cats is a massive bonus too. And he’s geeky and uber talented. Okay, Preston swoonage over now. Normal service will now resume. Although normal service is Preston swoonage….

I may be happier about this retweet than any other retweet or tweet I’ve ever received. I went red and bounced up and down. And Adam was slightly horrified. I may be married but I’m still a fangirl at heart.

Majorly falling in love with Preston right now.


The Ordinary Boys Interview

[Words by Jamie Cockburn]

Plus Special Guests caught up with Preston from The Ordinary Boys during their comeback tour before hitting their Islington Acadamey date to find out what he has been up to and what the future holds.

Hi, how are you today?

I’m all right thank you. We have had the last two days off which is really weird, it really breaks up the tour and I had to actually go to work both days but because I’m so used to being on tour, when I got home I just got really really drunk. You get in tour mode and when you come off tour it’s really hard to adjust. I feel like that guy in Shawshank Redemption who hangs himself because it is really hard to rehabilitate yourself back into normal society after being on tour. It’s weird to imagine that once upon a time I did tours that lasted three or four months and I remember what it was like coming home, all the friendship groups would have swayed and intermingled and even with a short tour like this I come home and my cat doesn’t like me, it’s just really weird. So it’s really good to be back, and we just have two more dates left.

You have been away from The Ordinary Boys for a while, what made you decide to come back?

I was meant to have some time off work and because everyone breaks up for Christmas quite early and I had some success as a songwriter, I had written a song that got to number one (Olly Murs ft Rizze Kicks – My Heart Skips A Beat), so my publishers, as a reward, said they would have a word with my old booking agent because they knew this was something I wanted to do for a long time. I sort of feel because of the weird Big Brother stuff and the third album not being like an Ordinary Boys album, I just felt like I wanted to do a gig which was like more when we first started for all the people who still stuck around and still liked us. I had no idea we would be playing venues this size, I thought we would be playing tiny clubs but it was something I was really wanting to do, and we had time off so we just booked it and it has turned out to be a really great thing. I’m happy to admit it was really for a self-indulgent nostalgia trip for myself and for the fact of that, people can see that I am really enjoying it and they are enjoying it as well.

What have you been up to since being away from the band?

When we split up I moved to Philadelphia for like two years and just sort of hung out and spent all my money. So I had to get a job and I started doing song writing for people and mostly been doing that ever since.

How has the tour been going?

It has been better than I had ever expected. When we first started, if there was any lighting rig above the stage, I would somehow manage to find a way up it and swing across it and jump off the speakers. We were really known for being a crazy, wild, energetic band so I was worried when we played the first gig that I would just stand still and be like a 29 year old man or if I would move around but during the first song I had already had climbed up on one of the amps and jumped through the air. I think because of having a job and this being something I do in my spare time, it feels the same as when I just started and because you’re enjoying it so much you give it a little bit more.

How have the fans taken to the come back?

Just like it was 2004 again. It has been really amazing, everybody singing every word and crowd surfing. It has been much better than I thought it was going to be. We put a lot of hard work into our first album and tour to gain this fan base, and then with the third album, which was this fickle insta-fame cheap thing, and it shows that if you do put the work in then that can last for a long time. All the kind of Pop Idol, X-Factor stuff that is huge for a second and then people forget about them so it’s actually eye opening in a really fantastic way that real music and real bands have much more of a long life because of the fans.

Will we see a full Ordinary Boys comeback?

We were talking the other night about doing a new album that is more in keep with the first album. The thing about the first album is that it was like a mix between the music we loved at the time who were like hardcore bands like Minor Threat and Black Flag mixed with The Smiths and Blur. All it was, was music we liked and then we made a record and there wasn’t any deeper thinking into it and that’s why it works and people respond well to music that is un-contrived and I want to make another record that is like that, which you don’t really need to think about and make it fast. To do something cool with fast music, like quite heavy punky stuff with my singing. I just want to be Morrissey and I am happy to admit that and that is quite a cool dynamic.

What were your personal highlights when you were originally together?

The first real exciting tours when you were really up for it and you can’t believe these people are here. My mum lives in France but she is American and when we played in Portsmouth and she came over from France especially to do the merch, and she baked cookies and gave one to everyone who bought a t-shirt so that sort of era of the band has really good memories.

Do you regret any of the Big Brother stage of your career?

I definitely don’t regret it, it was so fun and weird and I’m glad it is something I did with my life for a bit but I’m so desperately happy to be out of it now. When I see Chantelle still doing the same kind of stories it just stresses me out and gives me a panic attack but now for me to make money I just go into the studio and play the guitar and that’s all I ever wanted to do anyway. I don’t regret it but I do regret bringing The Ordinary Boys into that world, I think that was unfair on the fans. There are people with Ordinary Boys tattoos; infact the bassist from The Heartbreaks has an Ordinary Boys tattoo and so I think the only regret is that it might of tainted the band. Coming back now I see how important the band was to some people and this tour is for them. But doing it was such a wild year of my life and cannot believe that any of that stuff actually happened it’s so funny.

What does 2012 hold for Preston?

I only wanted to do this tour and that was it, and it was going to be closure for me. But rather than closure it has just massively opened up all these memories. It has made me hungry to do it again but because of the size of band we are, we can’t really make any money out of it so I’ve got to work. All of my ambitions for 2012 revolve around production and writing and my career I guess. I can now produce a record. We released this new song, and I did it in the studio and even played all the instruments my self, and did it in a day but it would be great to do with this line-up, to just get into the studio and do like an E.P and stick it out for free or put it on bandcamp. The world is much more independent band friendly and I would like to make the most of that.

Finally, if you could choose any act from any era, who would your Plus Special Guests be?

I would probably have GG Allin, someone really punk and disgusting or Bad Brains. Bad Brains are my favourite band, I fucking love Bad Brains. But I would have Bad Brains circa 1982.

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Preston can rock any outfit.

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After many years of loving this man I finally got a photo with him. Preston, you’re ace.